Andy Boller

Andy Boller

Swinging and Singing at the Piano

ANDY IS LEADING A JAM in Pratteln / Basel area once or twice a month - Drop in with your axe, harp, horn or drum sticks (amps & drum set provided) and be ready to jam!!

Gallerie Hermann Alexander
BeyelerArt Café & Bar
Presents Weekly JAM SESSION
Jede Donnerstag
19:00 Uhr
Gallenweg 14
Tram 14 to / BHSBB

This week:
Andy Boller & Friends
June 2 - Eintritt Frei

Andy Boller plays piano and sings throughout Europe. He appears at finer piano bars at hotels and restaurants. His repertoire ranges from current pop hits to blues and jazz to oldies.

Andy says:
"I hope You enjoy visiting My website. There is plenty of music to listen to as well as Pictures, discography, concert news, my biography and more. Feel free to hang around and I hope You enjoy the Show!

Ciao for Now"...Andy Boller

London Sunday Times Travel Magazine (February 2012, page 137) says this regarding the Widder Bar: "Relish the ... sounds by the likes of demon blues pianist Andy Boller".