Andy Boller

Andy Boller

Swinging and Singing at the Piano

Andy Boller Discography

Recorded in studio and in bar, the collection of "Covers" is just me and piano....singing and playing a selection of tunes i happen to like...the cover art of Covers is by Gary Grimshaw.

Face the Light Alone
This is a collection of tunes i wrote in the late 80's / early 90's - I managed to get them onto a CD in 1994 - in the time between i have written many new tunes however this remains the most recent release of originals - a new one will appear sometime in the future but most likely on Internet only

Live on Planet Earth
Originally conceived as a cassette-only release, so many folks asked for it on CD that I released it on CD about 4 years ago - it remains one of my best selling recordings. It is all live in a bar - half of it recorded in Windows, a club atop the old Ann Arbor Inn (now the building serves as a retirement community) the other half, live in Basel, Switzerland at the Café des Arts in 1992. Some lively stuff!

Urbations Flexi disk
This Christmas "FLEXI DISK" from 1985 , was a great seller, featuring cover art by Marla Camp.

The Urbations EP
That original Urbations gang, all 8 of us...featuring Dan Mulholland on lead vocals...this 4 song EP, released on the Urbations label, Wild Child Discs, featured the cover shot of the band performing at Hart Plaza, in downtown Detroit.

Urbations Hot Foot cover
Hot Foot - released in 1987 on Celluloid Records- it included 2 originals, w/ Dance remixes.

Chasing Dreams
A collection of originals that I released shortly after leaving the Urbations in 1987.

Amazon Rancher
This is the cover of the Cassette (only) Release of "Amazon Rancher" ... 1985...this was a solo project I did while in the Urbations, enlisting a number of fellow Ann Arbor musicians. The cover was done by Michelle Kelly.

The Whip/Skaffle
The cover for the '45, "The Whip" (a side) and "Skaffle" (b side) Cover design by Dan Mulholland (AKA Dr Mr Blurt Sandblaster)